Birth story 22

Birth story 22

December 6, 2021

After discussing with a friend my difficult first birth and challenging introduction to parenthood she suggested I consider an independent midwife for my second. I felt that the inconsistent postnatal NHS care I’d received had exacerbated my breastfeeding challenges and only added to the general anxiety I was feeling at being a new mum. In contrast she had warm memories of her independent midwife experience – in fact she loved it. I was amazed at the contrast in which we both spoke of the care we’d received! She kindly put me in touch with a colleague of Leonie and Tess’s who subsequently arranged an opportunity for my husband and I to meet them. I’m so glad we did!

Leonie and Tess are a very special team. They are warm, empathetic and fun to be around! Sometimes a bit of humour is just what you need! I really believe that they are the perfect team. I felt so supported from the pre-birth meetings right through to the birth and postnatal care. If I was to have another baby, I’d sign them up in a heartbeat.

After having a fairly negative first birth experience, I had the complete opposite with Leonie and Tess. I opted for a home-birth because I wanted to do things as differently as I could, and trusted the advice I was given. It was exactly the right option for me. In the lead up to the birth I became increasingly anxious but Leonie and Tess were there to give me hugs and reassure me (it really made all the difference). During the birth I felt safe and in control. They were there but in the background so I was able to listen to my body which I really appreciated. After the birth, they were always available on WhatsApp and I really looked forward to our face to face meetings over a cuppa. I knew that if I had any concerns that they were there to help me (this was a lifeline –  no more scrolling Google at 3am!)

I honestly cannot recommend Leonie and Tess enough – they do such an amazing job and my husband and I feel very grateful that our paths were able to cross! They are total super heroes. I owe my happy memories to them ☺️