Other Services

  • NIPE = £250
  • NIPE with holistic Mother and Baby wellbeing postnatal care check-up = £350
  • Single, one off holistic Antenatal or Postnatal wellbeing check for Mother and Baby = £300
  • Additional Antenatal or Postnatal appointments:
  • £150 per visit (after booking a one off appointment)
  • £100 per visit (if added on to any of our packages-Amazonian/Goddess/Warrior/Queen)
  • Day 5 Newborn Blood Spot Screening test (NBBS) = £200
  • Day 5 NBBS with holistic postnatal well being check for Mum and Baby =£300
  • 34-36 Birth Planning Session = £300*
    This is an extended birth preparation session.
    Prior to this session we will email you a birth planning document to read in preparation. The session can take place in person or by zoom (whichever you prefer) and usually lasts about two – three hours.
    We will discuss your birth plans and preferences, explore and advise you on labour and birth, including, but not exclusive to, monitoring in labour, food and drink, types of birth and analgesia options, birth bags, what an emergency can look like, and babies who are in a hurry to make an appearance. NO CLINICAL CARE WILL BE PROVIDED* (£50 discount offered if you have booked the Queen PN package, included as part of all other packages)
  • Lactation Consultant Feeding Support sessions:
    £300 for the initial appointment (normally lasts 2-3 hours)
    This is a one -off appointment with a lactation consultant. During this a full pregnancy/birth and feeding history will be taken and considerations will be made to see if any factors may have had an impact on the issues faced when feeding your baby.
    There will be a comprehensive assessment of your feeding positions; support with latching and attachment. We can offer an oral examination to assess oral and motor function of the mouth and tongue. Referral to other trained health care professionals for further assessment and treatment should anything be identified following this. You will receive a copy of the full assessment, along with a feeding plan, an ongoing plan for support and a remote follow-up check in.
  • £130 for any ad hoc follow-up appointments (normally 1-1.5 hours).
    These appointments will be to review the feeding following on from your first initial assessment. We will look at how the feeding is going, re-assess the positioning and attachment and will tweak or re-evaluate the plans as needed. You will receive a copy of the review, an updated feeding plan (if needed), an ongoing plan for support and a remote follow up check in.
  • £760 for a block of feeding support visits.
    This package includes 5 visits to be used within 2 months of the first visit. The first visit will be as per the initial assessment detailed above and subsequent as per ad hoc visits).
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