Your labour and birth are YOURS and yours alone. We know and recognise when to sit back and watch as you rock your birth, and we know when we need to pull out the pom poms and give you extra support.

Care Packages

We offer a range of care packages to suit any preference or budget

Your Neighbourhood Midwives - Amazonian - Classic Care Package
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Your Neighbourhood Midwives - Warrior - Antenatal & Postnatal Care Packages
Your Neighbourhood Midwives - Queen - Postnatal Care Package
Your Neighbourhood Midwives - As the Midwife - Support Information Package
Your Neighbourhood Midwives - Your Hypnobirthing Midwife - Hypnobirthing Classes & Packages
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About Us

Tess and Leonie are private midwives in South London, aka Your Neighbourhood Midwives, who met whilst training at Kings College University. Along with some other midwives, they formed a close bond forged through the years of a tough degree, helping each other to juggle raising their respective families whilst learning the world of medical lingo, research, information, night shifts, day shifts, and of course, essays and dissertations.

Once qualified they secured jobs in different NHS Trusts in South London, and both worked in all areas of maternity and midwife care. Whilst they both loved working in their communities and being part of the NHS, they each felt a bit out of place – a disconnect, like ‘square pegs trying to fit into round holes’ – with the tight restrictions, they deeply felt the frustrations of not always being able to put women’s needs ahead of the institution’s needs.  Throughout it all they both remained close friends, meeting up regularly to debrief, discuss and drink tea!

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