Goddess – Mini Care Packages: £5100-£5600

Goddess packages are our smaller care packages offering you care, which starts a little later in your pregnancy.  They are used if you want a more personalised service with midwives you know and trust, in order to meet your individual needs.

This care can be used alongside your NHS midwife and doctor appointments or as a complete midwifery care service, independent of the NHS.

This is also an ideal package for those who have had a baby before but want the care, support and assurance of having a known and trusted midwife to provide continuity of care.

All Goddess packages include:

  • A booking appointment; this usually lasts about two hours as we take a full comprehensive medical history.
  • Antenatal care in your home, as specified in each package below
  • An extended birth preparation session at +36 weeks. This usually lasts about two hours where we will discuss your birth plans and explore and advise you on labour and birth, including what to pack in a birth bag and how to manage a baby who is in a hurry to make an appearance.
  • We are on call to attend your labour and birth from 37 weeks; this includes either a homebirth or support in hospital.
  • Postnatal care (as specified in each package below).
  • Phone and email support.
Your Neighbourhood Midwives - Goddess - Mini Care Packages

Goddess 1 – £5,600

Antenatal care from 28 weeks of pregnancy with appointments every two weeks until 36 weeks and then weekly from 36 weeks till birth.

Attendance and support for your birth from 37 weeks onwards.

Home visits for up to four weeks postnatally.

To enhance your pregnancy experience you will be offered an antenatal massage, provided between 20-30 weeks of your pregnancy in your own home by a qualified professional trained in pregnancy and postpartum care, so you couldn’t be in safer hands.

Goddess 2 – £5,100

Antenatal care from 34 weeks of pregnancy, with weekly appointments from 36 weeks, attendance and support for your birth from 37 weeks onwards, and visits to you for up to four weeks postnatally.

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