The Amazonian

Classic Care Package: £6,500

This is our most comprehensive package. When you choose The Amazonian you get:

  • A booking appointment: this usually lasts about two hours to take a full comprehensive medical history.
  • Antenatal care starting from as early in the pregnancy as you like and continuing throughout the antenatal period. Visits are every four weeks up until 28 weeks of pregnancy; this increases to every two weeks until 40 weeks then weekly till birth.
  • An extended birth preparation session at +36 weeks. This usually lasts about two hours where we will discuss your birth plans and explore and advise you on labour and birth, including what to pack in a birth bag and how to manage a baby who is in a hurry to make an appearance.
  • We are on call to attend your labour and birth from 37 weeks – this includes either a homebirth or support in hospital.
  • Postnatally we will provide you with four weeks of care from the birth.
  • Phone and email support.
Your Neighbourhood Midwives - Amazonian - Classic Care Package

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