Birth Story 18

Your Neighbourhood Midwives birth story 18

Birth Story 18

April 20, 2021

Hello I am Lerryn. I was pregnant in the first lockdown with my son Ziggy, and when faced with my homebirth NHS midwife strongly advising me against a homebirth, despite having already had one. We employed an independent private midwife because my baby was due in the first lockdown and to be honest, everything looked so uncertain that I hired Tess and Leonie because it was the only way I could have a homebirth at the time. And because Tess and Leonie are GREAT. And Tess was my midwife in my first pregnancy when she worked for the NHS. Which made it all the more special.

The reason we chose Your Neighbourhood Midwives, well for one, my good friends Mum used to be Tess and Leonie’s colleague. So that knowledge made the decision easier to make. And I was /am very protective of women having the birth that they want. And something that having a private midwife gives you is consistency of care, so no matter what, those women are going to be the ones at your birth. And they have definitely definitely read your birth plan. Which, with NHS is not definite.

I genuinely feel emotional writing about Tess and Leonie. (and anything to do with birth for that matter).  Tess supported me through bringing in two beautiful babies into the world. And especially Ziggy, where times were so unknown. And I worked really hard to remain calm when the world seemed to be in the midst of utter upheaval. And I just could not have done that without the security of the Independent midwives. I had my homebirth, and I laughed and cried and all the other private stuff in front of these two. They saw me at one of the most intense and raw moments of my life. And they continue to answer my WhatsApp texts to this day.

They gave me the confidence in my ability to birth my baby.

I had a homebirth that I feel really really proud of. And a little terror child as a product of it.

I would recommend them, for first time mums. Women in the pandemic, anyone having babies.