Birth Story 10

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Birth Story 10

October 1, 2020
“Wonderful, supportive midwives – friends for life!!”

If I’m honest, I booked private midwives because I was quite afraid of giving birth and I wanted to have as much control over the process as I could. With the help of Tess and Leonie, by the time I delivered my son, I was fully prepared, empowered and excited about it!

For Tess and Leonie, midwifery is a calling not a job. From beginning to end I felt their service was truly fantastic. They helped me through some of the more challenging aspects of my pregnancy – I wasn’t an easy customer – and enabled us make the right decisions for our little family. Some of the things they won’t advertise were the little things they did for us – the hilarious record of my son’s birth (including when I shouted at doctors “we’ve got this” – which my son now has on a baby grow!), the pictures they took along the way and the emotional support afterwards (I was a crier!).

I didn’t intend it but I ended up having a drug-free birth not because I was trying to be hardcore about it but because I genuinely felt in control and able to do it. Without the support of Tess and Leonie I am convinced I would have had many more interventions. I am so so happy to have met Tess and Leonie and cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us. I am thoroughly honoured to call them friends for life.