Ask the Midwife

Support Information Package

Some of you will be happy with having their care provided by the NHS but would like to have a resource to ‘ask all the questions’ you may not have time to ask or remember to ask at your midwives appointment, or that may come up in between appointments.

This is a unique package we offer, it is a remote supportive advice and information package, where you will have dedicated and qualified midwives available to answer all those niggling questions instead of relying on Dr Google to scare the life out of you and give you conflicting information

This package is NOT designed to take the place of any care from your assigned midwife, GP or Obstetrician. It is a place where you can access NON-EMERGENCY information, advice and support, where you can be signposted to local resources, get evidence-based information, and where we can connect you to a variety of health care professionals. It does not include any clinical care.

Your Neighbourhood Midwives - As the Midwife - Support Information Package

Antenatal – Ask the Midwife – £300

What’s included:

  • A face-to-face booking appointment where we take a full comprehensive medical history.
  • A WhatsApp and/or email support group with yourselves and the midwives, available Monday to Sunday 8am – 8pm.
  • Access throughout the pregnancy up until 42 weeks of pregnancy.

It does not include:

  • Emergency clinical support or advice.
  • Advice during labour or birth.
  • Postnatal advice.

36 Week Birth Planning Session

  • £300 as a one off appointment, or;
  • £150 if booked with the Ask the Midwife package

What’s included:

  • An extended birth preparation session at +36 weeks. This usually lasts about two hours where we will discuss your birth plans and preferences, and explore and advise you on labour and birth, including, but not exclusive to, birth bags and babies who are in a hurry to make an appearance.

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